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1.A Unıversıty Hospıtal Breastfeedıng Mothers Of Bırth And That Informatıon Regardıng The Evaluatıon Of Breastfeedıng And Behavıor
Fatma Yağmur Evcil, Gülsüm Zoroğlu
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2.Can Total Antioxidant Capacity Predict Clomiphene Citrate Resistance in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Patients?
Hasan Çılgın
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3.Evaluation of Patients with Hemorrhage After Tonsillectomy
Buğra Subaşı
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4.The Inhibitory Effects of Olivetol on Cell Proliferation and Invasion of SHSY-5Y Neuroblastoma Cells
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5.The role of s-TREM in distinction of congestive heart failure and pneumonia in patients with dyspnea in the Emergency Department
Ceren Şen Tanrıkulu, Hilal Hocagil, Emine Gencer, ERCAN GENCER, A. Cuneyt Hocagil
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